The Russian Road Research Institute is a scientific center for transport development with a professional team in all relevant areas of work in the road industry.

National project "Safe high-quality roads"

An industry-wide competence Center for new materials and technologies for the construction, repair and maintenance of highways has been opened on the basis of the FAI “ROSDORNII”, which will monitor the work on reforming the industry in order to achieve the main indicators of the national project "Safe Quality Roads".

Accelerated testing of road clothes

Currently, by order of the FAI “ROSDORNII”, a specialized test facility is being manufactured, which received its name "Cyclos" because of the functionality of simulation of cyclic dynamic load application.

Road quality monitoring

A unified standardized system for monitoring the quality of roads has been created in FAI “ROSDORNII”, and a rating of typical, systemic problems affecting the quality of road works has been formed.

Special projects for the passage of vehicles

Specialists of the FAI “ROSDORNII” are engaged in the development of special projects for the passage of heavy and large-sized vehicles. A special project is designed to assess the possibility of passage of heavy and oversized vehicles and to carry out measures to strengthen engineering structures and ensure transportation safety measures.

Accelerator of the road industry

The accelerator of the road industry is a platform for supporting technological re-equipment of road industry enterprises and supporting technological and scientific projects of young scientists and entrepreneurs.

Key Topic

ROSDORNII and NAMI held an intersectoral conference on the topic of testing ITS and VATS at landfills
The program of modernization of the quality management system of road facilities in the regions developed with the participation of ROSDORNIA was approved
SCN "CYCLOS" is included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments
The Ministry of Transport of Russia approved the methodological recommendations developed by ROSDORNIA on the implementation of ITS
Stanislav Naboko took part in the meeting of the Board of the Federal Road Agency
ROSDORNIA has developed a new methodology for testing asphalt concrete
The exhibition of equipment and technologies STT Expo-2022 was held in Moscow on May 24-27
ROSDORNIA specialists held an online seminar on ITS for the subjects of the Russian Federation
Webinar "Clarification of information on issues arising during the conclusion and execution of contracts for the implementation of road activities"
Webinar "Georadar technologies of road survey for preparation of project documentation"
Webinar "Issues of work organization and quality assurance in the repair of highways"
Intersectoral conference "ITS on highways. Landfills and test areas for creating a safe transport environment"
Seminar "The main aspects in ensuring the quality of road works carried out by the subjects of the Russian Federation within the framework of the national project "Safe quality roads"
Webinar "Basic requirements for geodetic works. Modern equipment. Executive geodetic documentation"
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