A half-century history of FAI “ROSDORNII” began in 1959 with an order of the Minister of Motor Transport and Highways of the RSFSR to establish the Central Scientific Research Laboratory. The Laboratory conducted researches on new materials for road construction and surveys of main roads of the USSR as well as road infrastructure, developed new technologies for the repair and maintenance of roads and bridges. A year later a decree was issued to convert one PAZ-652 bus and two Moskvich-423 cars into road laboratories (order No. 287 of August 4, 1960).


By decrees of the Council of Ministers of the USSR of July 31, 1969, and then of August 13, 1969, the Design and Research Institute (“GiprodorNII”) was established by merging road divisions of the Giproavtotrans Institute, its branch offices and the former Central Scientific Research Laboratory of Gushosdor. There was a plan to establish scientific branch offices of the Institution in Moscow, Khabarovsk, Sverdlovsk, Saratov and Rostov-on-Don.
The research areas of the Institution included road repair and maintenance, road construction materials, traffic safety and management, the development of regulatory and technical documents, operating highways and more. The Institution was known to all road specialists of the USSR and recognized as a prestigious scientific entity abroad.


On September 1, 1988, the Road Research Production and Technological Association (NPO “ROSDORNII”) was established on the basis of a scientific unit of the State Road Design and Research Institute “GIPRODORNII”. The inspection and design of repair works for roads and bridges, and the development of automated data banks became new directions of the Institution’s activity. The Institution developed about 80 regulatory and methodological documents by 2000. The Institution participated in the annual inspection of federal highways and road infrastructure and also run and updated road and bridge data banks.


Since 2011, the Institution became a subsidiary body of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. By decree No. 245-r of February 22, 2014, of the Government of the Russian Federation, the FSUE “ROSDORNII” was reorganized into the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Russian Road Scientific Research Institute”.


FAI “ROSDORNII” was established on March 19, 2015 by Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation No. 46.


In 2019, the Institution was modernized for the most efficient implementation of the National Project “Safe High-Quality Roads”. Today it is one of key coordination centers of the country, monitoring the National Project implementation.