Register of New and Best Technologies

Register of new and best technologies, materials and technological solutions for reuse The effectiveness of the National Project "Safe and High-Quality Roads" implementation is inextricably linked with the justified expansion of the use of new technologies (structures, materials) for performing road works in order to save construction resources, increase sustainability and durability, reduce time expenditure. For this purpose, FAI «ROSDORNII» created the Register of New and Best Technologies Materials and Technological Solutions of Secondary Use (hereinafter referred to as the Register) in 2019.

The indicator “Share of facilities that envisage the employment of new and the best technologies included in the Register” is stipulated by the National Project “Safe Quality Roads” and the Federal Project “System-Wide Measures for Road  Industry Development”.

This indicator is one of the criteria for improving regulatory policy, which characterizes the active use of new and the best technologies, materials and technological solutions applied by regions of the Russian Federation in construction and maintenance activities on regional or intermunicipal public roads.

In order to implement assigned tasks in the most efficient way a corresponding Department has been established within the FAI "ROSDORNII", the goal of which is to update and ensure the operation of the Register as an innovative mechanism in the field of the design, construction, reconstruction, overhaul, repair and maintenance of roads and road structures.

A set of measures related to running, functioning and operation of the Register is carried out on a daily basis, which include:

  • Consulting with stakeholders and applicants on entering and updating information on their products in the Register, as well as on the matters of functioning of the Register;

  • Collecting proposals and applications from organizations for inclusion of their products in the Register (the application form, instructions for its requisitioning, the list of necessary documents - in the appendix);

  • Analyzing information received from applicants for compliance with the procedure of updating and maintaining the Register (the procedure - in the appendix);

  • Evaluating the compliance of normative and technical documents on technologies included in the Register with the requirements of documents on standardization, including the standards of the evidence base TR CU 014/2011 to be sent for consideration to the Industry Excellence Center Expert Council for New Materials and Technologies for Road Construction, Repair and Maintenance (regulations on the (IEC Council - in the Appendix);

  • Guiding activities of IEC Presidium, Secretariat and working groups of the Industry Excellence Center’s Expert Council;

  • Updating the information of the Register;

  • Collecting and analyzing the experience of Russia regions in applying the data from the Register;

  • Preparing presentation materials on scientific publications for subsequent dissemination in federal, regional and industry media;

By implementing solutions from the Register in the regions of the Russian Federation within the National Project “Safe Quality Roads”. Planned goals are to achieve social and economic results such as increased durability of road pavement, use of new energy and resource saving technologies, secondary materials technologies and improved road safety.

Contact person:
Head of the Section of Advanced Technologies Development
Ilya Korovayev
(tel. +7 495 540-08-20, ext. 6969, e-mail: