Guidelines for authors

The editorial board of the collection «Roads and bridges» (Dorogi i mosty) accepts articles for publication relating to the fields, stated in publication subject. Articles are received around the year. Editorial board reserves the right of selecting articles. The decision about article publication is made by the Editorial board within one month from the date of materials receipt. The article accepted for publication is included in the collection and posted on the journal's website. The materials sent are not returned.

Articles must contain the results of the most important scientific research, dissertations for obtaining PhD and D.Sc. degrees in the following areas: design, construction, repair and maintenance of roads and engineering structures, airfields, transport tunnels; road works mechanization; road-construction materials; road traffic safety; road structures and road works quality management systems; road ecology; economics; norm setting; road legislation.

The article is to be provided in electronic form, with the signature of the author(s).

The UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) index should be indicated before the title of the article.

The title, authors’ names, abstract, key words should be given both in Russian and English languages.

Information about authors’ full name (last name, first name, patronymic), academic degree, rank, position, workplace, postal address, phone number, e-mail address) is to be provided on a separate sheet.

The manuscript volume should not exceed one author’s sheet (22 pages).

Text should be written on a A4 sheet; page setup: top and bottom margins – 2 cm, left – 3 cm, right – 1.5 cm; font – Times New Roman, 14 pt.; line spacing – 1.5 line.

Figures with captions and numbers should be placed on electronic device in separate files and submitted on separate sheets. The file name must correspond to the name or number of the picture in the article text. The photo resolution is to be 300 dpi; scanned tables, pictures and figures are not accepted.

References should include only the literature cited in the article; references to the sources should be given in the text in square brackets.

Publication fee for manuscripts is not charged.

In order to improve the criteria for publishing main scientific results of dissertations for obtaining academic D.Sc. and PhD degrees, the editorial board of the «Roads and bridges» (Dorogy i mosty) collection has introduced a prepublication review procedure to provide an expert analysis of submitted manuscripts.

The manuscripts submitted for publication are necessarily reviewed in order to identify the scientific development of the topic, research innovativeness, work relevance and practical significance.

Reviewing options:

  • internal peer review (by reviewers chosen by the editorial board);

  • external peer review (review is attached to the manuscript by the author; however, in this case the editorial board reserves the right to obtain additional reviews).

The review prepared by an expert should reveal the extent of scientific research novelty and the compliance of the text proposed for publication with the publication general profile.

Reviewer’s suggestions are necessarily discussed with the author in order to improve the text.

The review is sent to the author in written form (original reviews are kept at the editorial office); in case of disagreement with the evaluation of his work and refusal to publish, the author can apply to the editorial board for the involvement of an independent expert, at that, the choice of the latter remains in the exclusive competence of the editorial board.

The decision on the appropriateness of publication after reviewing is made by the editorial board.