Construction control

Construction controlFAI “ROSDORNII” systematically monitors the quality of road construction in the Russian regions. To carry out construction control activities, the Institution has state of the art laboratory equipment and qualified specialists.

FAI “ROSDORNII” construction control:

  • Is performed within the framework of unified technical policy in the field of construction control conducted by the Federal Road Agency of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation;

  • Is carried out during an entire construction period, ensuring the daily presence of engineering and technical personnel at construction sites and the application of technical means that ensure the reliability and completeness of control;

  • Includes input, operational and acceptance control;

  • Provides internal inspection control to verify the efficiency of works.

FAI “ROSDORNII” fulfilled more than 50 construction control contracts, which had a positive effect on the quality of contract works performed at regional and federal roads. Its customers are the State Company “Avtodor”, Avtodor-Engineering, the CJSC Institute Stroyproekt, Smolensk-Dornii-Project, the FSI Uprdor Moscow - Volgograd, the FSI Centravtomagistral, the FSI Uprdor Viluy, the FSI Uprdor Kaspiy and others.

In 2021, FAI “ROSDORNII” oversaw the construction of a multi-level transport interchange and the reconstruction of an overpass on Heroes of Stalingrad Highway in Kerch, the repair of road sections in Crimea: Chernomorskoye – Evpatoria (67.2 km), Razdolnoye – Evpatoria (50 km) and Slavyansk – Evpatoria (23 km).

The Institution also conducts construction control over the reconstruction of Simferopol – Yevpatoria – Mirny highway section (36.4 km) and during the construction of one of key elements of Moscow's transport system – the first launch complex of the Central Ring Highway.