New Materials and Installations Added to RNNT

06.10.2023 Views: 32

FAI “ROSDORNII” continues to update a database of the Register of New and Best Technologies, Materials, and Technological Solutions for Secondary Use (RNNT).

In the third quarter of 2023 FAI “ROSDORNII” received 37 applications, including information on technologies (materials, installations) for the RNNT, 18 of which concerned modification proposals, and 19 forwarded new materials to working groups of the Expert Council of the Pan-Industry Excellence Centre on New Materials and Technologies for Road Construction, Repair, and Maintenance.

Information on four technologies and six materials will be included (updated) in the RNNT database, according to the outcomes of the Excellence Centre working groups consideration.


— Geopenetrating radar inspection;

— Acoustic shielding;

— Weather conditions monitoring systems;

— Detection of defects in sealing coatings.


— Dry mix KTtron-3 T500;

— Polymer-based soil stabilizer “PARAGON M10+50”, clayey soil stabilizer “PARAGON LBS”;

— Asphalt concrete modifier RUBBERMASTIC;

— Composite additive for asphalt concrete mixes “VILEN-A”

— Bitumen-polymer tape for joints “SILA”        


— Road safety fence;  

— Automated road station of weather monitoring “INEJ”;

— Street lights VARTON “Tornado” and VARTON “Mistral”;

— Geopenetrating radar “OKO-3”;

— Defectoscope “IZOTEST 2.0”.