Scientists have developed "smart" video cameras: they recognize the types of accidents

15.05.2022 Views: 142

Traffic violators may not have a chance to get away with it in the near future. Smart video cameras will begin to monitor the order on the roads, which will learn to detect the slightest violations on the highways.

Requirements for road surveillance systems and video analytics were developed in ROSDORNIA. Experts have prepared a draft national standard with uniform rules for "smart" cameras. According to the document, intelligent systems will be used to monitor the road and assess traffic flow. In addition, neural networks will be able to monitor the condition of the pavement and road infrastructure elements. The main function of such systems is the identification and classification of traffic incidents, as well as the transfer of information to the traffic police. To do this, the cameras will learn to distinguish hitting a pole or a bump from a car collision or an accident with a pedestrian. The system will also be able to find the difference between a car or a motorcycle, a person and an animal. Moreover, the neural network will have to analyze data received from at least 10 thousand video cameras. As follows from the draft standard, the developers plan to launch two versions of "smart" systems. analysts. The first one is for highways. Cameras are planned to be installed on major highways every five kilometers, as well as at intersections of roadways and exits from overpasses. Gadgets should be able to fix the traffic situation, even if cars are rushing at a speed of 130 km/h, and it's night, a downpour or a blizzard outside. Another requirement for cameras is the ability to rotate 360 degrees. The second option of intelligent systems is for ordinary roads. They must catch violators from the stream at speeds up to 110 km/h. Such video cameras will appear on emergency sections of the highway, in places with heavy traffic, at turns, interchanges, bridges, as well as in overpasses and tunnels.