The quality of the coating on three roads of Yelets was checked by experts

19.05.2022 Views: 105

This year, thanks to the national project "Safe High-quality Roads", the coverage of 12 sections of the street and road network with a total length of over 17 kilometers will be put in order in Yelets.

On three of them – in Matrosova Lane, as well as on Polyanskaya and 1st High Streets, located in the private sector - the main works have already been completed. At these facilities, the contractor has equipped the crushed stone base of the road and laid asphalt concrete pavement. Its quality is checked by Rosdornia specialists.

In the laboratory, asphalt samples will be checked for water saturation, density and other normative indicators provided for by GOST. The decision on the acceptance of objects will be made upon receipt of a positive expert opinion. In the near future, asphalt samples will be taken on the 2nd Vostochnaya Street. New asphalt concrete has also been laid here.

Recently, contractors entered another facility – Gorky Street, where school No. 19 is located. Work started with the dismantling of the covering of pedestrian zones and curbs. The plans include the renovation of sidewalks, milling of the old and laying of new pavement.

The second stage of the overhaul of Kommunarov Street is also continuing – in sections from the street Komsomolskaya to Red Square and from Sputnik Street to the M4 highway, specialists equip the sand-crushed stone base of bike paths and pedestrian zones, remove wires underground. 

According to the contracts, work on most city facilities should be completed by autumn.


Department of Roads and Transport of the Lipetsk region