The introduction of innovative solutions in the transport industry was discussed at a meeting of the Public Council under the Federal Road Agency

19.05.2022 Views: 109

The event, chaired by the head of the Federal Road Agency Roman Novikov, took place within the framework of the III Forum and exhibition "Road Construction in Russia: innovation, technology, quality".
The key topics of the meeting were the activities of the Federal Road Agency for the implementation of the strategy of innovative development of the road sector for the period 2021-2025, technical regulation in the industry, the register of new and best technologies for reuse, as well as issues of personnel training for the road industry.  

In addition to the members of the Public Council at the department, the meeting was attended by Deputy heads of the Federal Road Agency Oleg Stupnikov and Viktor Timofeev, Deputy Secretary of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Vladislav Grib, Deputy Director General of the FAA "ROSDORNII" Alexander Kamenskikh, Chairman of the Branch Trade Union of Road Transport and Road Workers Vladimir Lomakin.

In his welcoming speech to the participants of the event, the head of Rosavtodor Roman Novikov summed up the preliminary results of the work of the Federal Road Agency over the past period of 2022: "Thanks to the support of the Government, the federal budget is increasing. More recently, 28 billion rubles of additional funds have been brought in to carry out work on the overhaul of sections of highways where we are expanding sections from two to four lanes, separating flows, removing congestion situations, thereby solving the main issue – improving road safety. By the end of four months, we have already realized 24% of the annual financing volume. I believe that by the end of the half-year, at least 40 billion rubles will be able to exceed the previously planned volume."

The head of the department also paid special attention to the established interaction with the public of the regions. Thanks to the appeals of activists, part of the funds allocated from the reserve fund will be used to repair those roads in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation that are most important for improving the quality of life of people. Interim results of the work of the Public Council under the department were summed up by Chairman Igor Starygin: "This meeting is the sixth this year. Joint meetings were held with the Public Council under Rostransnadzor, as well as the Commission on Housing, Construction and Roads of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, visiting meetings in various regions of the country. We worked together with regional public chambers and specialized Public councils under the regional ministries of transport and road management, considered issues of public control, got acquainted with the work of federal state institutions subordinate to Rosavtodor, visited road facilities."

Deputy Head of Rosavtodor Oleg Stupnikov made a key report at the meeting: "Support of the main directions of the Russian road industry is the main goal of the strategy for the development of innovative activities of Rosavtodor for the period from 2021 to 2025. We must ensure road safety, create a comfortable road infrastructure, take care of the environment and use resources rationally, improve the road management system based on its digitalization."   

Rosavtodor is systematically working to form the basis for the innovative development of the road industry: updating of regulatory documents, introduction of new technologies and materials, their testing and monitoring.

In 2022, Rosavtodor created an Innovation Committee, which included representatives of customers from different regions of the country, contractors and road management organizations. The Committee considers proposals for the introduction of innovative technologies and materials at road facilities and the results of experimental application of technologies.

In addition, the participants of the event discussed issues of import substitution and training of personnel in the country's road industry.

During the meeting, Roman Novikov congratulated Vladislav Grib, Deputy Secretary of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, on his 50th birthday, thanked him for all-round cooperation and presented a Letter of Thanks from the Federal Road Agency.