Discussion of ITS on highways. Landfills and test areas to create a safe transport environment

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On May 19, 2022, Vladimir Klimov, Executive Director of the Association of Developers, Manufacturers and Consumers of Equipment and Applications Based on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GLONASS/GNSS Forum Association), took part in the intersectoral conference "ITS on Highways. Polygons and test zones for creating a safe transport environment", which took place at the Testing Center's testing ground by US. The event was also attended by representatives of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Transport of Russia, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Ministry of Defense and other experts in the field of construction and development of road infrastructure.

The work on the creation of a special test zone for intelligent transport systems was identified as the key topic of the discussion conference, during which experts considered the issues of creating the basic infrastructure of special test operational zones to ensure the safety of the VATS and methods of testing such technologies.

Stanislav Naboko, General Director of the FAA "ROSDORNII", made a welcoming speech to the participants of the conference, as well as Sergey Gaisin, Director General of FSUE NAMI, Anton Kozlov, Deputy Director of the Department of State Policy in the Field of Road Management of the Ministry of Transport of Russia and Grigory Volkov, Deputy Director of the Department of Construction of the Government of the Russian Federation, also stressed the importance of today's discussion between experts for the development of unmanned transport technologies.

Plenary session on the topic: The moderator Sultan Zhankaziev, Director of the Academy of Intelligent Transport Systems in the Automobile and Road Complex of the Russian University of Transport (MIIT), opened the meeting on the creation of special test operational zones for the possibility of carrying out individual procedures for the pilot operation of VATS. Further presentations were made by: Igor Evstigneev, Deputy Head of the Department of ITS Development and Design of the Federal State Enterprise "ROSDORNII"; Dmitry Kazarinov, Deputy General Director of the Concern "National Telematics Systems"; Yuri Pakhomov, Deputy Director of the Development Directorate of FSUE "Zashchitainfotrans".

At subsequent sessions, various issues were discussed on the following topics "Creation of the basic infrastructure of special test operational zones to ensure the safety of the movement of VATS" and "Conducting experiments and testing technologies that ensure the safe movement of VATS in special test zones". Presentations were made by representatives of the FAA "ROSDORNIA", the Center for Intelligent Systems, ITS CCP NICIAMT and the Management of telematics systems of FSUE "NAMI", LLC "RIPAS SPb", LLC "Expert-Yu", LLC "Fort Telecom", the National Association of Digital Economy for Artificial Intelligence, loT and 5G; LLC "T8", JSC "SMARTS", LLC "Evokargo" and IC "KAMAZ". The invited representatives spoke about the methods of ensuring ITS information security and the formation of national standards in this industry. We paid special attention to the search for ways of independence from foreign components in the development of intelligent systems. The speakers also talked about foreign and domestic experience in testing unmanned vehicles and intelligent systems, discussed the possibilities of conducting such experiments at Russian sites.

The organizer of the conference is the FAA "ROSDORNII" – subordinate to the Ministry of Transport of Russia an institution that develops and provides scientific support for federal, targeted and regional programs aimed at innovative development and improvement of the condition of highways. ROSDORNIA conducts research activities, develops industry regulatory and technical documents, designs and diagnoses roads, interchanges and bridges. Information technologies in the road sector are actively developing and advanced technologies, equipment and materials are being introduced into the practice of design and construction.

On February 11, 2022, an agreement was signed on the establishment of partnerships between the GLONASS/GNSS Forum Association and ROSDORNII in order to:
- development of long-term and effective cooperation for the research and testing of high-precision positioning technologies, systems, platforms and services in intelligent transport systems, including ensuring the safe movement of highly automated and unmanned vehicles;
- development of new economically and technically effective business models based on practical experience in the use of high-precision positioning and intelligent transport systems in solving transport problems;
- exchange of analytical data and promotion of scientific and industrial cooperation.
Cooperation will also be carried out in the interests of developing internal and transit transport and logistics corridors on the territory of the Russian Federation, including a Russian-Chinese project on the use of high-precision positioning for autopilot vehicles, an international transport corridor on the direction of the Primorye-2 ITC, as well as a pilot zone on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Association "GLONASS/GNSS Forum" in accordance with the decision of the Competition Commission in 2018, it was determined by the Infrastructure Center for the development of the NTI "Autonet" direction and participates in the development (updating) of action plans ("road maps") NTI, performing the following functions:
- carrying out research work for the purpose of regulatory legal support of the relevant direction of the National Technological Initiative, including the number and compliance with the action plan ("roadmap") to improve legislation and eliminate administrative barriers in order to ensure the implementation of the National Technological Initiative planned for the development of draft regulatory legal acts and acts of technical regulation;
- implementation of measures for the development of the professional community and popularization of the relevant direction of the National Technological Initiative, involvement in the activities of the infrastructure center of Russian and foreign legal entities engaged in economic activities in the relevant direction of the National Technological Initiative;
- conducting analytical research on the development of the Russian and international markets in the relevant direction of the National Technology Initiative.

Also, on March 31, 2022, a meeting of the Working Group on the Application of GLONASS and BeiDou Navigation Technologies was held in the format of a videoconference (headed by Vladimir Klimov, Executive Director of the GLONASS/GNSS Forum Association) The Committee of Projects on Important Strategic Cooperation in the Field of Satellite Navigation of the Commission for the Preparation of Regular meetings of the Heads of Government of Russia and China, which was attended by the participation of ROSDORNIA and other representatives of Russian and Chinese organizations. The event was dedicated to the implementation of joint applied projects in the field of autonomous driving and cross-border transportation based on GLONASS and BeiDou navigation systems.