«ROADS AND BRIDGES » (DOROGI I MOSTY) Collection of articles


The collection of scientific research articles is published annually by FAI «ROSDORNII» (former GIPRODODNII) spanning over 40 years and it contains papers of Russian academicians and experts on specific issues of road sector.

In 2007 the electronic scientific collection «ROADS AND BRIDGES» (DOROGI I MOSTYI) was established by the FAI «ROSDORNII» Scientific Council. This edition provides information about performed scientific researches concerning the road sector, among them those for the PhD and DSc degrees in the following fields: design, construction, repair, maintenance of roads and engineering structures; road-construction materials; road traffic safety; road structures and road works quality management systems, road ecology; economics; norm setting and road legislation.

The edition is registered as a media outlet.

The certificate number – FS 77-64273.

The edition is available at SCIENTIFIC ELECTRONIC LIBRARY – Head performing organization to create Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) database.

Head Editor – Natalia N. Rubinskaya, FAI «ROSDORNII» Head of Scientific and Technical Information Division.



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