CIS News Digest (30.05.2022)

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Construction of a new road and bridge in the direction of the border with Iran continues

Trend, 25.05.2022

The State Agency of Highways of Azerbaijan continues construction of a new section of the Alat-Astara highway - the state border with Iran and a new automobile bridge on the state border.

As the state agency told Trend, the project covers a 3.05-kilometer stretch of highway, starting from the 204th kilometer.

The road, which is being built in accordance with Technical category I, has four lanes. The work is carried out taking into account the difficult geological conditions on the construction site.

The laying of the road foundation is currently being completed. In accordance with the technological sequence, asphalt concrete pavement will be laid on the highway section in the near future.

The section of the new highway connects at the state border with Iran with a road bridge, the construction of which is currently continuing at a rapid pace. The three–span bridge will be 97.5 meters long and 30.5 meters wide. The construction of the road and bridge is planned to be completed in 2023.

Note that the road and bridge will ensure the safe movement of vehicles along the North-South transport corridor to Iran and in the opposite direction. In addition, the movement of vehicles will be provided without entering the center of the city of Astara, the report says.

Reconstruction of the Baku-Guba-state border highway with the Russian Federation continues at a high pace

1news, 27.05.2022

The State Agency of Highways of Azerbaijan (GAADA) is rapidly carrying out work on the reconstruction of the damaged section with a length of 66 km (from the 52nd kilometer to the 118th kilometer) of the Baku-Guba highway-the state border with the Russian Federation in the direction of Guba-Baku, included in the work plan for 2022.

As reported by with reference to the State Agency, during the work, deformed and destroyed sections of the roadway are removed by destruction, then the unsuitable soil is excavated. At the same time, the work is carried out at a depth of up to 2.5 meters, depending on the area of the site. Then suitable soil is poured onto the excavated territory and compaction works are carried out using special equipment, a new roadbed is being built.

A new road base is being built on the sections where the roadbed is ready. In order to check the degree of compaction, samples are taken from the territory with the help of special equipment and examined in the laboratory. Reconstruction works are underway at the construction site in accordance with the compaction coefficient.

Upon completion of the excavation work, it is planned to lay a new asphalt concrete pavement of the required thickness in accordance with the "Building Codes and Regulations".

According to the State Agency, these reconstruction works will completely eliminate the problems that prevent the unhindered and safe movement of vehicles on this section of the Baku-Guba highway state border with the Russian Federation.

Taking into account the intensity of traffic on the highway, the work is carried out in 7 stages. At the same time, traffic is completely restricted in the area of work, but two-way traffic in both directions is provided. For this purpose, additional security measures were taken, appropriate marking lines were laid and temporary road signs were installed.

Note that a new highway is also being built along the state border with the Russian Federation.

It is expected that construction work on both roads will be completed by the end of this year.

Asphalting works will begin in the near future on the Ahmadbeyli-Goradiz-Minjivan-Agbend highway

Trend, 28.05.2022

The construction of the Ahmedbeyli-Goradiz-Minjivan-Agbend highway continues at a rapid pace. Asphalting works will begin soon.

This was reported to Trend by the project engineer of the State Agency of Highways of Azerbaijan Eyyub Huseynov. According to him, the total length of the road, which is being built in accordance with the first technical category, will be 123.6 kilometers.

"The first 77 kilometers of the highway will have six lanes, the remaining 44.6 kilometers will have four lanes. Accordingly, the width of the roadbed on two sections of the road will be 21.5 and 29.5 meters. A total of 415 artificial structures are planned to be built along the road. The construction of 135 of them has already been completed. It is also planned to build 20 bridges. It is planned to complete the construction of the highway by the end of 2023. Also, work on its asphalting will begin soon," Huseynov said.


Integration in the field of transport was discussed at the Eurasian Economic Forum

The Ministry of Transport of Belarus, 26.05.2022

First Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Alexey Lyakhnovich took part in the section "Transport complex – the framework of Eurasian economic Integration" of the Eurasian Economic Forum, which is being held in Bishkek.

Alexey Lyakhnovich noted that in the new realities it is necessary to concentrate efforts on lifting those restrictions that counteract the growth of the integration potential of the EAEU.

"In order to reduce the loss of income of enterprises, it is necessary to take concerted measures to overcome barriers to commodity flows. At the head of our cooperation in the field of road transportation of goods should be the non–permissive principle of performing road transportation to / from third countries," he said.

He also added that digitalization of the transport industry is an important direction of development. To this end, a state program is being implemented in Belarus, where much attention is paid to the transport sector. One of the envisaged goals is to create an integration platform for the national electronic logistics system.

Also during the event, they discussed the increase in container cargo transportation by rail and uniform requirements for heavy-duty transport when moving along the common road corridors of the EAEU.


KazAvtoZhol answered why floods wash away roads

Tengrinews, 24.05.2022

Kazakhstanis almost every year observe a picture of how floods wash away republican highways and paralyze traffic. About why roads of such quality are being built, to the correspondent of was told by the head of "KazAvtoZhol" Meyrhat Kasymbayev.

According to the speaker, today the length of Kazakhstan's highways is 96 thousand kilometers of roads. Of these, as Kasymbayev explained, 25 thousand are highways of republican significance, for which the national company is responsible. The remaining 71 thousand are roads of the regional and city levels. Local akimats are responsible for the quality and condition of the latter.

"We are building roads taking into account the climatic characteristics of each region. For example, the Nur-Sultan – Shchuchinsk highway was built taking into account all the nuances of the northern region: severe winter, windy weather, heavy snowfall and subsequently floods. Therefore, during the entire operation of this highway, that is, since 2013, we have not had a single case when floods would affect the construction of this road," the Chairman of the Board of KazAvtoZhol stressed.

Earlier, on April 1, a road of republican significance was washed away in the Aktobe region due to floods. It happened on the 283rd kilometer of the Aktobe - Astrakhan highway, where a culvert was washed away near the village of Zharly due to the intensive flow of meltwater. According to Kasymbayev, at the time of the incident, construction work on this highway had not yet been completed.