Written appeal

The procedure for working with written appeals of citizens

Dear visitors of the site, send written appeals of citizens to the postal address of the FAA "ROSDORNIA".

  1. Office work on applications, appeals of citizens, institutions, organizations, enterprises on social and legal issues is conducted separately from the general office work.
  2. All applications received by the institute are registered on the day of admission. The received requests are recorded in the Electronic document management System "Delo". When filling out the registration card, it is mandatory to specify:
    • in the column "Number", the serial number of the appeal is put down;
    • in the column "Date of receipt", the date of receipt and registration is put down;
    • in the column "Correspondent", the surname, first name, patronymic of the citizen and the address for sending a response to the appeal are indicated;
    • in the "Summary" column, the summary of the appeal is stated;
    • in the "Resolution" column, the signature (with a transcript of the surname) of the official (or his assistant) who received the appeal for consideration and preparation of a response is put;
    • registration the card is placed under control in accordance with the terms established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  3. On the written request, a registration stamp is affixed in the lower right corner of the first sheet, in which the registration number and date are indicated. At the request of the citizen who applied, a mark is placed on a copy or a second copy of the accepted appeal indicating the number, date of receipt of the appeal, signature (with a transcript of the surname) of the employee of the institute who accepted the appeal.
  4. The received appeals are reported to the management on the day of their receipt.
    Citizens' appeals that do not require a report to the management of the institute are sent to structural units for execution. The heads of the structural divisions of the Institute ensure prompt consideration of appeals and transfer to the contractor on the day of admission, as well as monitor the quality of execution.
    If the appeal is sent to several executors, then the person indicated in the resolution first is the responsible executor, who is obliged to familiarize all others with it promptly (on the day of receipt of the document) and organize its execution within the specified period.
  5. A written application received by the Institute is considered within 30 days from the date of registration. In exceptional cases, the institute has the right to extend the term of consideration of the appeal for no more than 30 days, notifying the citizen who sent the appeal about the extension of the term of its consideration.
  6. The response to the appeal is signed by the rector or an authorized person.
  7. Registration of responses to citizen's appeals and the formation of cases is carried out by employees of the UDO Institute. When registering a response to the applicant, a registration number is affixed to the letter. The registration number of the response to the appeal consists of the code of the structural unit responsible for the execution of the appeal, the serial number, and the date.
  8. The response to the appeal received by the Institute in the form of an electronic document is sent in the form of an electronic document to the e-mail address specified in the appeal, or in writing to the postal address specified in the appeal.
  9. Oral appeals of citizens (personal reception) at the institute are conducted by the head and authorized persons. Information about the place of reception, as well as about the days and hours set for reception, is brought to the attention of citizens.
    • At a personal reception, a citizen presents a document certifying his identity.
    • The content of the oral appeal is entered by the secretary of the head in the personal reception card of the citizen. If the facts and circumstances stated in the oral appeal are obvious and do not require additional verification, the response to the appeal with the consent of the citizen can be given orally during a personal reception, which is recorded in the personal reception card of the citizen. In other cases, a written answer is given on the merits of the issues raised in the appeal.
    • A written request received during a personal reception is subject to registration and consideration in accordance with the procedure established by Russian legislation.
    • If the appeal contains issues, the solution of which is not within the competence of the management of the institute, the citizen is given an explanation of where and in what order he should apply.
    • During a personal reception, a citizen may be refused further consideration of an appeal if he has previously been given an answer on the merits of the issues raised in the appeal.
  10. Control over the timely and complete consideration of appeals is carried out by the head of the Documentation Department of the Institute.