Pricing Methodology Division

Pricing Methodology Division prepares proposals for the development and improvement of a pricing system for works and services related to road construction, maintenance, and management (hereinafter referred as road activities) in the Russian Federation.

The Division performs the following functions:

  • Develops methodological and reference documents on the pricing of works and services related to the implementation of road activities in the Russian Federation;

  • Provides methodological, consulting, organizational, technical and practical assistance to participants of road activities in the Russian Federation within the Division’s competence;

  • Forwards proposals on the need for material and technical support of the Division to carry out professional activities within its competence and provides lists of necessary assets for procurement;

  • Submits proposals on the need to improve skills of employees and provides data on the required content for training programs;

  • Interacts with contractors and suppliers under contracts concluded by the Institution, in case when these contracts include works (provision of services, delivery of goods) within professional activities of the Division.